80 kilometers in 8 days raising awareness for Autism

As we all know, our very own Nik Voss who has a son with severe Autism and an intellectual disability, does a challenge every year to raise money for Autism. This year she picked ‘Run for Autism’.

“I set my challenge and decided to run 80km in 8 days. So, from the 1st to the 8th of November I ran 10km everyday, and after each 10km I posted a story via Facebook of our journey living with Autism. I decided to run for autism this year to try to help create a world where no one on the autism spectrum is left behind”, says Nicole.  

Nik set a goal of raising $500 but ended up raising $1600, which will go to support people on the Autism spectrum. “It wasn’t all about the money, I really want to educate and raise awareness for Autism. People on the spectrum just want to be included and not judged.” 

Go Nik, we were all super impressed with your efforts!