Artwork by Carly Gannaway generously donated to GLAAS

GLAAS was lucky enough to be donated a piece of stunning art work by Carly Gannaway, a proud ATSI woman from the Dhurung Mob.

Carly is currently the full time carer for her elderly mother, and also has a son who has been diagnosed with Autism.

Carly began to create artwork to pass the time away during COVID-19 lockdowns, but has since found a real love for it.

“Kids love art! Whether they are getting messy with finger paints, drawing with chalk, making collages or colouring, there’s nothing that makes children happier than creating their own art”, says Carly.

We absolutely love our donated artwork and feel very honoured to have been given this to GLAAS. Thank you so much Carly, we hope your passion continues and we can’t wait to see more of your masterpieces!